Your New RTM for 2017-2019

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The Westport RTM for 2017-2019 has 21 female and 15 male members who, collectively, are involved in over 30 different non-profit or community service organizations.

The members come from different professional backgrounds, including at least:

  • 11 attorneys,
  • 9 finance industry professionals,
  • 6 teachers, including a retired principal,
  • 7 business owners, including the President/Director of the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce,
  • 4 municipal or municipal finance professionals
  • 4 real estate agents or real-estate-related professionals,
  • 4 current or former sports coaches,
  • 3 artists, including 2 writer/editors and 1 fine artist,
  • 2 science, medicine, and social policy professionals, and
  • 1 architect

The age range of the RTM members is approximately 28 to 83 and the mean and median ages are 55 and 53, respectively.

Age is one of the biggest differences between the 2017-2019 RTM and the RTM from the 2015-2017 term. This chart compares the distribution of the approximate ages of the members when elected.


As you can see, the age range of the 2017-2019 RTM is wider and more dispersed. When elected, the 2015-2017 RTM members’ approximate ages ranged from 40 to 81. Overall, the prior RTM was slightly older with approximate mean and median ages of 57 and 55.

The age range of the 12 new members is approximately 28 to 62 and the mean and median ages are 46 and 45, respectively.