The Representative Town Meeting (RTM) is the legislative body of Westport, CT. It consists of 36 elected members: four members from each of Westport's nine RTM districts.  As the legislative body of Westport, the RTM is responsible for making major decisions that will affect the community for years to come.  Members elected to the RTM serve two-year terms, and the next election will take place in November of 2019. Click on the infographic below to learn more about the duties of the RTM.

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The functions of the RTM used to be carried out by a town meeting where any resident could vote. If a resident didn’t make it to the meeting, his or her voice wasn’t heard. In 1949, Westport changed from the town meeting format to the RTM. Part of the reasoning behind this change was that the representatives would advocate for the best interests of all of constituents, whether these residents attended town hall meetings or not.

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