Currently, the official RTM website lists members names, districts, email addresses, and phone numbers.  What kind of background information would you like to have regarding your RTM members on the town website?  Is what is there sufficient?  Examples of additional data fields include:  Education, Employment Experience, Community Involvement, Current Committees, RTM-related website or social media page, Years on the RTM, and Hobbies.  Or, rather than a pre-set format with specific "data" fields, there could be a freeform paragraph where members write anything of their choosing.  What format would be most helpful to you?  Let us know what you think.  

For now, you can get the contact information for members in your district through the RTM website here, and read more about a member's background through the 2017 Voters' Guide by the Westport League of Women Voters.  Here are the links for each district:
District One
District Two
District Three
District Four
District Five
District Six
District Seven
District Eight
District Nine

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